Reprogramming keys to your vehicle immobilizer control unit        
It's quite a simple process just simply locate the immobilizer control module to your vehicle                         this is types of control unit             
And send it to us we can program keys into your unit if you find it difficult to locate your unit                        you are looking for
We will be happy to help you
And point you in the right direction
If it is a total loss of keys and you require the keys as well
Just send a door lock with your immobilizer control unit
and we will cut the keys to the lock
All the vehicles that cover this service is down below
price for this service £ 85-120                  Locations of immobilizer control module
                                                                                              Most are located above the foot pedals
                                                                                              And behind the passengers glove box
Vehicles list
Audi A3. White Immobox
Audi A4. White Immobox
Audi A6. White Immobox
Audi A8 2003+.  ECU