car key programming
programming car keys to your immobilizer  unit to your vehicle

programming bike keys to your immobilizer unit to your vehicle

Mileage correction service for cars

Mileage correction service for bikes

airbag delete reset crash data

keys cut to code
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This is a selection of standard transponder  keys which you will receive when you send your immobilizer unit to us we will program two keys into your unit and when you receive it back plug the unit back into your vehicle and the vehicle will start
ecu engine management system
ECU or engine control unit, will determine the quantity of fuel to inject based on a number of parameters. If the throttle pedal is pressed further down, this will open the throttle body and allow more air to be pulled into the engine. The ECU will inject more fuel according to how much air is passing into the engine. also it corresponds with the immobiliser system
with the toyota the keys are programmed to the ecu so if you lose your keys normally
you would have to buy a new ecu which is very expensive
Immobiliser control unit most vehicles will have this type of unit
it controls the vehicle from starting. if you dont have the right transponder
which corresponds with the immobiliser control unit the car will not start.
in many cases people lose their car keys so there is two ways which you can re programme the transponder
which is inside the car key.
1 is to use diagnostic equipment but you need the security code to programme the key
2 programme to transponder into the immobiliser control
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Keys cut to code
keys cut to code
We offer the service where we can cut keys by codes.  Simply click on picture below fill out information regarding your key type and the code which will be stamped on your key if you do not have the key most locks will have the number stamped on the face of the lock we can only supplier this service if we have the key type and the code
Mileage correction is a service offered to correct the mileage data display on digital odometer clusters and dashboards when a fault has occurred. This would normally result in very expensive main dealer recoding or even complete dash/cluster replacements which can cost a fortune.
At Transkey we can save these costs by correcting the vehicles data to show the correct mileage of the vehicle.
Just send us a e-mail of which vehicle you have.
And we will let you know whether we can repair your clocks
For this service the price £65

Airbag Electronic Control Unit (ECU)
We can  clear both the fault and crash codes so that you can re-use your original airbag control module as if it were a new unit
Motorbike immobilizer control module
Most of the latest motorbikes these days are fitted with a immobilizer where there is a transponder fitted inside the ignition key and in this key information stored in your ignition lock or ECU we can retrieve this information and programme and new key so that the vehicle may start
In the bike list it shows the type of bike and the control model which we will require.
Just simply send it to us with your locks
So we can cut the key to the lock and programmes the transponder

list of bikes which we cover
Down below
if you have any questions can you
please email or text and give
the vehicle details
and the service you require